5 Benefits of a Brow Lift

While you may welcome the insights and knowledge that come with age, the resulting changes to your appearance can be demoralizing and upsetting. For example, gravity’s constant pull will combine with skin laxity to cause your features to shift downward.

A lowered, sagging brow can give you a permanently angry or unfriendly appearance, which can affect your self-confidence and interactions with others. A brow lift is a surgical procedure that can improve your appearance by repositioning your forehead muscles and tightening loose skin. Here are five reasons many people choose to rejuvenate with this technique.

1. Creates Smoother Skin

With time, you will develop wrinkles and lose youthful elasticity due to factors like collagen loss and UV exposure. The skin around your eyes and eyebrows is usually the first place expression lines appear. While neuromodulators like Botox are a well-known way to resolve this issue, you will notice these injectables becoming less effective as you get older and your brow furrows become more deeply etched. When performing a brow lift, Dr. Indeyeva will take care to minimize these forehead wrinkles.

2. Makes Your Eyes More Noticeable

A hooded brow can obscure your vision and hide your eyes from the world. You can reverse these changes by combining your brow lift with blepharoplasty surgery. Thin, drooping upper eyelid skin and fat pockets under your eyes can make you look years older. Your eyes could be relaying a message that you are fatigued or ill, even on days when you feel perfectly well. Pairing your brow lift with an eyelid lift is a simple way to refresh and revitalize your eyes.

3. Provides Long-Lasting, Transformative Results

Dr. Indeyeva uses her extensive training and knowledge of facial anatomy to turn back the clock on your appearance, with results you’ll enjoy for years to come. With a skin care regimen that includes wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated, and using high-quality products formulated to your needs, you can maintain your renewed look even longer.

4. Minimal Scarring

When performing aesthetic procedures, Dr. Indeyeva takes every precaution to create incisions in concealed places where they’ll heal nearly invisibly. For instance, the incisions necessary for a brow lift will be in your hairline, while those for an eyelid lift will be along your upper eyelid crease or in the skin below your lower lashes.

5. A Customizable Surgical Plan

A brow lift is not a cookie-cutter procedure. As a trained plastic surgeon who has also been a cosmetic surgery patient, Dr. Indeyeva takes a compassionate approach, making time to hear your concerns and designing a brow lift to help you meet your needs and goals. She will also recommend complementary surgical and non-surgical procedures if she believes they will benefit you.

Learn More About the Best Brow Lift in Austin

When you’re considering improving your appearance and self-esteem with plastic surgery, your surgeon’s experience is paramount to provide natural-looking results. Entrusting an untrained or unqualified physician with your brow lift can make you look startled or surprised instead of the relaxed, youthful look you want. Dr. Indeyeva is fellowship-trained and Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. These credentials make her one of Austin’s leading female plastic surgeons, while her passion for fostering a genuine connection with her patients allows her to understand your needs and suggest the best way to resolve your concerns. The best way to become an informed patient is to meet with Dr. Indeyeva in a confidential consultation, which you can schedule online.

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