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Ear Treatments

Ear Treatments in Austin, TX with Dr. Yula Indeyeva

The need for cosmetic and reconstructive ear surgeries spans the generations. Patients’ most typical conditions include congenital ear deformities, prominent ears (ears that protrude or are overly large), as well as earlobes that have been distorted through piercing or gauging. Fortunately, several surgical ear procedures are available to treat these concerns.

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As a double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yula Indeyeva has extensive training in both cosmetic and reconstructive ear surgeries. Her specialties include earlobe repair, earlobe reduction, otoplasty, and newborn ear molding. Dr. Indeyeva regularly treats newborns, children, teens, and adults struggling with aesthetic issues or damage to the ear.

If you are seeking ear surgery in Austin, TX, continue reading to learn more or contact Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin to schedule a consultation with Dr. Indeyeva. We offer both in-person and virtual consultations to patients in the Austin area and beyond.

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What is Ear Surgery?

There are many types of ear surgery available at Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin, and each addresses a specific concern. We treat both male and female patients, including babies, young children, teens, and adults. Below, we have listed the primary types of ear surgeries offered at our practice.

Earlobe Repair in Austin, TX

Earlobe repair can restore a natural-looking appearance to the earlobes after damage. The earlobes are very delicate and are easily torn or stretched. Many patients experience damage to the ears after years of wearing heavy earrings, while other patients have large holes in the earlobes from gauging. Whether your earlobes are torn, stretched, or sagging, Dr. Indeyeva can repair this damage and restore your earlobes’ shape and appearance.

During earlobe repair, the skin is removed from the torn edges or interior of the ear. The remaining tissue is carefully reshaped to create an earlobe that complements the natural shape of your ear. Lastly, Dr. Indeyeva will precisely suture the earlobe back together. As it heals, the tissue will fuse together, eliminating any tears or holes that previously existed. Dr. Indeyeva uses specialized suturing and incision techniques to minimize and camouflage any appearance of scarring.

Earlobe Reduction in Austin, TX

Abnormally large, droopy, or prominent earlobes can be reshaped through earlobe reduction surgery. During this procedure, Dr. Indeyeva removes tissue and skin from the earlobe to enhance the earlobes’ shape and improve facial balance and harmony.

Earlobe reduction can be performed on patients with naturally prominent earlobes or patients who have developed large earlobes as part of the aging process. This procedure is often paired with Extended Deep Plane Facelift surgery or can be performed as a solo procedure under local anesthetic.

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Dr. Yula Indeyeva is a highly trained, Double Board-Certified plastic surgeon in Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  She is a specialist in surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation methods for the face, head, and neck. With her mastery of everything from dermal fillers to Extended Deep Plane Facelift, Dr. Indeyeva loves guiding her patients along their journey towards a more confident, empowered, and beautiful self.

Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Surgery) in Austin, TX

A versatile procedure, otoplasty, addresses various ear concerns from congenital deformities to trauma. Otoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed on children, but it is also popular amongst teen and adult patients.

If you are unhappy with the natural appearance of your ears, otoplasty may help you achieve your desired appearance.

Otoplasty can correct many ear conditions, including:

  • Prominent ears
  • Ear damage from trauma
  • Lop or cup ear
  • Cosmetic repair to the ear after skin cancer
  • Stahl’s ear deformity
  • Macrotia

Newborn Ear Molding in Austin, TX

Infant ears are very soft and pliable, especially during the first few weeks of life. When babies are born with congenital ear deformities, prompt treatment can reshape the ear, avoiding the need for surgical correction later in life.

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Many congenital ear conditions are potentially treatable with ear molding, including

  • Protruding ears
  • Lop or cup ear
  • Stahl’s ear
  • Cryptotia
  • Helical rim deformities

The key to achieving success with newborn ear molding is prompt treatment with an experienced provider. The ears begin to harden and become less pliable at just six weeks after birth. We encourage parents to seek a consultation with Dr. Indeyeva as soon as possible upon discovering a congenital ear condition. For best results, ear molding should begin within the first week or two after birth. While ear molding is most successful if started early, we have achieved success in some infants up to a few months old.

During an ear molding procedure, the infant will continually wear a specialized ear mold for approximately two weeks. After two weeks, the ear is examined, and additional molding is applied if necessary.

Interested in Ear Surgery in Austin, TX?

Learn more about cosmetic ear surgery in Austin, TX, by contacting our office. We are delighted to provide patients with many Facial Plastic Surgery options, including ear surgery, Extended Deep Plane Facelift, brow lifts, Deep Structural Neck Lift, and many other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

FAQs About Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Newborns are often good candidates for cosmetic ear correction with specialized molding. After this window of opportunity has passed, we generally recommend waiting for ear surgery until the child’s ear is more fully developed. Surgical correction of ear abnormalities is often performed on children as young as 5-6 years old, provided sufficient maturity has been reached.

Dr. Indeyeva is a top choice for cosmetic ear surgery in Austin, TX. As a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Indeyeva has extensive training under some of the country’s leading facial plastic surgeons. She is well-prepared to help you or your child gain your desired ear surgery results.

Dr. Indeyeva uses specialized techniques to minimize scarring with all cosmetic and reconstructive ear surgeries. Most patients are delighted by their ears’ new appearance and report minimal visible scarring.

While Dr. Indeyeva can make your ears or earlobes appear less prominent with ear surgery techniques, this procedure doesn’t alter the size of the ears.

Austin otoplasty and earlobe repair patients will need some downtime for healing, though it’s relatively short and involves minimal discomfort. It can be performed in-office under local anesthesia in adults and older children.  Most patients can return to work or school after a day or two. You will be required to wear a tight headband for several weeks after surgery.  If your child plays sports, Dr. Indeyeva may recommend taking more time away from those activities to ensure their ears have time to heal fully.

Since ear surgery does not affect your hearing, most health insurance providers consider it to be a solely cosmetic procedure. If you are concerned about ear surgery costs, we provide financing options to put this life-changing surgery within budgetary reach.

Of course! Many people who are seeking a more comprehensive improvement to their appearance choose to add otoplasty or earlobe repair to surgeries such as a facelift or neck lift.

Ear surgeries are one of the only cosmetic procedures frequently done on younger children. While Dr. Indeyeva can perform ear molding for babies, if your child is older than this and experiencing teasing or bullying at school due to their ears, you may wish to consider bringing them in for a consultation. Your child’s maturity level and ability to comprehend everything this procedure involves are the essential factors in deciding whether they are ready for ear surgery. They should also be old enough to follow aftercare instructions for a successful recovery.

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