Dr. Yula Indeyeva
Dr. Yula Indeyeva

Yula Indeyeva, MD

Yula Indeyeva, MD | Facial Plastic Surgeon Austin, TX

Dr. Yula Indeyeva is excited to offer her Facial Plastic Surgery skills to patients in Austin and the surrounding areas of Texas. Dr. Indeyeva is a Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in Extended Deep Plane Facelift, deep structural neck lifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation. She proudly brings her training, knowledge, expertise, and passion to her practice, Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin

Experience Matters

Dr. Yula Indeyeva has achieved the following during her career:

  • Over 10 years of surgical experience
  • 14 years of medical school and training
  • One of the few exclusive Facial Plastic Surgeons in the country who routinely perform an extended deep-plane facelifts and structural deep neck lifts-the most advanced, gold standard facial and neck rejuvenation techniques
  • Speaker for:
    • American Academy Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS)
    • Global Aesthetic Conference
    • Vegas Cosmetic Conference
  • National Instructor, Speaker, and Trainer for Injectables 
  • Medical Honors Society
  • One of the most trusted, highly-regarded, and frequently referred-to surgeons by other physicians and aesthetic providers in Texas
  • The top of her medical class
Dr. Yula Indeyeva

A Captivation for

Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Indeyeva became fascinated with the complex anatomy of the head and neck region early on in her medical school years, which led her to choose Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residency. During the early years of her residency training, Dr. Indeyeva became interested in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for its ability to lift spirits and improve patients’ quality of life. As she spent countless hours correcting the disfigurements and loss of function resulting from cancer resections or injuries, she noticed how those patients felt at odds with their appearance. This dissociation affected their interactions with others, as well as their outlook on life in general. As a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Indeyeva aimed to apply her meticulous surgical skills to enhance lives, elevate confidence, and enable her patients to look and feel their best at any age.

“As I pursued further fellowship training focusing on aesthetics, I realized that my specialty could restore the lost sense of self and identity that often accompanies age-related changes. I cherished the deep connection that I established with my patients and began to realize that one of the greatest honors was to be entrusted with one’s face.”

Education & Training

For undergraduate studies, Dr. Indeyeva attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, on an academic scholarship.  She was accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine through an Early Admission Program in the Honors College.  In medical school, Dr. Indeyeva was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.  She went on to complete her 5-year residency training in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, then pursued further specialized training (fellowship) in Facial Plastic in Reconstructive Surgery.  Dr. Indeyeva later obtained Double Board-Certification in both otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 

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Dr. Yula Indeyeva is a highly trained, Double Board-Certified plastic surgeon in Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  She is a specialist in surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation methods for the face, head, and neck. With her mastery of everything from dermal fillers to facelifts, Dr. Indeyeva loves guiding her patients along their journey towards a more confident, empowered, and beautiful self.

A Journey To Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Dr. Indeyeva became captivated by Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery early on during her residency training.  She witnessed many disfigurements and loss of function resulting from cancer or injuries and noticed the way those patients felt at odds with their appearance.  This dissociation affected their interactions with others, as well as their outlook on life in general. Dr. Indeyeva wanted to be able to restore lost function and disfigurement.  Later on, she became aware of how rejuvenating an aging face also gave many people a new chance, new inspiration, and enabled them to put their best self forward into the world.

While undergoing my training, I became aware of how fragile and unpredictable life can be, as I cared for patients with traumatic injuries and terminal diseases. It helped me gain a better perspective of the things that are truly important and enabled me to gain appreciation for the small blessings in my everyday life. I also learned to handle stressful situations with grace and composure.

As a Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Indeyeva loves being able to restore the quality of life, confidence, and happiness of her patients.  She has witnessed the positive transformative effect rejuvenation surgery has on many individual lives.  One of the most notable was a patient who had undergone rejuvenation surgery of the face, neck, and eyes. After treatment, she appeared more vibrant, youthful, and rested.  At one of her follow-up appointments, she told Dr. Indeyeva that she finally felt like the person she was seeing in the mirror matched how she felt on the inside. This inspired her to start a wellness journey of weight loss, healthy diet, meditation, and even taking a cross-country trip in an RV.  She felt that her daily routine had become stagnant in the past few years, and taking the years off her appearance motivated her greatly to pursue the life she envisioned for herself.  Stories like this are the reason Dr. Indeyeva chose her field.  She is proud to be a part of such positive life changes in many of her patients’ journeys.

Dr. Yula Indeyeva winning award


Choose Dr. Indeyeva?

Dr. Indeyeva is an exclusive facial expert and has dedicated her entire training and practice entirely to surgery of the face and neck. Dr. Indeyeva trained with one of the world-renowned masters of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, who imparted the highest levels of knowledge and most specialized niche for rejuvenation and harmonization of the face and neck. Read on to learn more about why you should choose Dr. Indeyeva.

  • Dr. Indeyeva was an aesthetic patient herself a few years ago, when she underwent a rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of her nose. She understands the need for compassion, honesty, and nurturing care when addressing her patients’ aesthetic issues.
  • Dr. Indeyeva is a distinguished expert injector. She was chosen to serve as a trainer in advanced injection techniques for Galderma™ (maker of Restylane® and Sculptra®) and devotes time to train colleagues all over the nation on the safe and effective use of injectable products. Her exceptional skill is evident by the natural, beautiful results she provides to her patients.
  • Dr. Indeyeva strongly believes in the importance of life-long learning as a Facial Plastic Surgeon. She remains highly active in the academic aspect of her field, attending multiple national aesthetic meetings and medical symposiums each year, where she lectures about her innovative techniques, protocols, and research, and in turn, learns from her colleagues about the latest innovations in the field. Dr. Indeyeva is deeply committed to the advancement of Facial Plastic Surgery, serving as a clinical investigator, consultant, speaker, and Advisory Board member to a multitude of highly regarded aesthetic companies, including Galderma, Rohrer Aesthetics, and Russell Health.

From skin rejuvenation to minimally invasive/injectables, to surgery, Dr. Indeyeva is experienced in comprehensive treatments on all levels to enhance one’s appearance. Dr. Indeyeva focuses on each patient’s own perception of beauty and their individual characteristics to determine a unique treatment plan. Her “toolbox” is diverse, allowing her to provide individualized yet all-encompassing care to a diverse range of aesthetic goals.

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Indeyeva strongly believes in the mind-body connection and she is convinced that when people feel their best and most confident, they radiate their purest, highest, and most positive energy into the world. Through Dr. Indeyeva’s skill set, she aims to empower people to feel their best and therefore achieve their highest potential. Dr. Indeyeva wants to enable those dissatisfied with their appearance to look on the outside the way that they feel on the inside.

Dr. Indeyeva is a firm believer in the “maintenance” approach to aesthetic surgery. This applies to individuals who are at the beginning stages of facial aging and can undergo surgery or other aesthetic procedures to maintain/preserve their youthful appearance rather than waiting on an accumulation of aging changes.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Yula Indeyeva and the services she offers, please visit the rest of our site or schedule a consultation today!

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Q & A with Dr. Yula Indeyeva

I was born in Russia, and moved to Richmond, VA at the age of 12.  

I disliked the look of my nose and underwent a rhinoplasty two years ago. I regularly undergo injectable treatments and adhere to a medical-grade skin care regimen to maintain my facial features and delay the onset of aging.

The ability to enhance the quality of life, boost confidence, and inspire the happiness of my patients. I also truly enjoy the process of developing a foundation of trust and camaraderie with my patient population and following them along on their journey in a supportive, nurturing way.

I was unwavering in my goal of becoming a Facial Plastic Surgeon. I think that when you are truly passionate about your goal and profession, the tremendous dedication, energy, and focus required become second nature.   I built a strong support system by surrounding myself with friends, family, and colleagues that are uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring.

I devote my time to training colleagues all over the world on injectables and regenerative medicine therapies as they apply to aesthetic procedures.  I believe it is important to contribute to the advancement of the aesthetic field, and empower other providers to deliver the very best care to their patients. I love spending time outdoors with my husband and two toy poodles (Ruby and Leo), exploring the beautiful Austin hiking trails, biking, golfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.  In the winter, I travel to Colorado for skiing.  I also enjoy cooking, traveling, and reading. My latest venture is taking photography classes to improve my skills in landscape and portrait skills.

One night during my intern year, I was called down to the Emergency Department to evaluate a woman with a facial injury.   She fallen onto a glass table, sustaining a complex, disfiguring laceration to the lip and cheek.  As if this weren’t distressing enough, she had shared that just a few hours prior, she had lost her beloved dog, which added to the emotional trauma she was experiencing.   I remember thinking “If I can just make her injury better, at least one of her agonies will be eliminated”.  As I spent the next couple of hours cleaning the wound, numbing the injured area, and meticulously putting the tissues back together, she shared her grief, pain, her anxiety about the ensuing weeks of healing.  I shared my own experience with losing a pet, and continuously reassured her about the recovery process and optimizing the appearance of her scar. As the pain lessened and the tissues became more aligned, I sensed her apprehension lessening, and the conversation took a more hopeful turn, ending with her sharing her excitement about a new career opportunity and house remodel.  I remember vividly how much I cherished the experience of helping someone not only correct a physical deformity, but also to soothe their anguish.  Facial Plastic Surgery allows me to interact with patients at their most vulnerable times.  It is the highest honor to be entrusted with one’s face, a source of identity for many.  I treasure the opportunity to genuinely connect with my patients, hold their hand through the recovery process, join in the excitement at their results, and celebrate their enhanced confidence and uplifted spirits.

Moving to the US at the age of 12 was initially difficult.  Adjusting to a different culture, learning in a new language, and forming new friendships at such a pivotal age was challenging.  I was fortunate to connect with incredible classmates, who are my best friends to this day, and very dear to my heart.

  • Kind
  • Dedicated
  • Meticulous

My family were my first and most valuable mentors.  My great-grandmother taught me how to read and cultivated my fascination with science at an early age.  My parents taught me the value of hard work, persistence, and believing in yourself as we immigrated to USA from Russia to start our life from scratch in a brand-new country.  I am incredibly grateful to my family for their unwavering belief in me that propelled me forward during difficult and draining times.  Later in life, I established strong connections with my residency and fellowship mentors, who became remarkable supporters and life-long friends.

I am able to connect to my patients on a personal level, and consider it a joy and a privilege to foster strong, life-long relationships during their aesthetic journey. I treat each patient as if they were a family member, only recommending treatments and procedures that are safe, effective, and fitting for their goals.   I care deeply about the advancement of facial plastic surgery, devoting time to educating other aesthetic providers all over the world.  I believe this keeps me on the forefront of my field, constantly evolving and refining my own techniques. I believe that we should be able to look and feel our best at any age.  My advanced training along with warm, heartfelt, personalized approach to patient care allow me to provide exceptional patient experience and the most natural, beautiful results.

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