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Dr. Indeyeva Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin

If you’re considering Facial Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX, make Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin your first visit. As one of the area’s best Facial Plastic Surgery practices, we offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic facial surgeries, all performed by our Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yula Indeyeva. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive top-quality care and exceptional results during your time with us.      

Dr. Indeyeva performs many types of facelifts, including “traditional” facelifts, extended deep plane facelifts, mini facelifts, and more. She customizes every procedure to match her patients’ needs and exceed their expectations. With this philosophy, her results appear beautiful and natural. Patients do not look stretched, pulled, or artificial.

We often say that it is one of our highest honors to be entrusted with a patient’s face. We know how important it is to get things right, with each and every surgery. Thank you for your trust and your confidence. We look forward to delighting you with your experience at Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin. 

Contact our office to schedule your first visit to our practice: (512) 831-5397.

Dr. Yula Indeyeva: Our Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

If you want to be delighted by your new look after plastic surgery, choosing a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Dr. Yula Indeyeva is the founder and primary plastic surgeon at Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin. Dr. Indeyeva has received rigorous training in facial and reconstructive surgery from some of the industry’s top surgeons, including one of the founding fathers of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough. She is committed to continuing her training and education and advancing the field of facial surgery, attending several academic conferences each year, and participating in research regularly.

While surgical rejuvenation is the backbone of Dr. Indeyeva’s training, she is also a highly experienced injector. She is a member of the Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network (GAIN) and participates in training events for physicians and injectors around the country. Dr. Indeyeva is a highly skilled injector, known for her stunning results using dermal fillers and neuromodulators. You can learn more about Dr. Indeyeva by visiting her about page.

“I strongly believe in the mind-body connection, and I’m convinced that when people feel their best and most confident, they radiate their purest, highest, most positive energy into the world. Through my skill set, I will empower people to feel their best and achieve their highest potential.”​ -Dr. Yula Indeyeva

Our Philosophy

We believe that a conservative approach to aesthetic enhancement provides the most natural-looking results. We focus on creating partnerships with our patients, helping them to achieve their desired results by carefully listening to their concerns and working together to create a treatment plan.

Our Treatments

Facial Plastic Surgery is a highly specialized subset of aesthetic surgery. Facial anatomy is very complex, and since the procedures are performed on the face, there is no room for error. Choosing a specialty-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon is essential for achieving the best possible results.

At Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin, our focus is always on the face. This specialization means that we have performed your desired procedure many times and have the exceptional skill required to produce some of the best results.

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We offer a wide range of facial procedures that include:

Explore our treatment offerings and receive personalized recommendations at a consultation.

Our Skincare

Patients visit our office a few times a year to refresh and revitalize their appearance with treatments like a chemical peel. While these in-depth aesthetic enhancements can create dramatic results, the everyday actions you take for your skin are essential in extending and enhancing your results. You care for your skin every single day, but we only see you in the office a few times a year.

We carry a line of specially selected medical-grade skincare products that we recommend to our patients. Many of these products are the same ones that Dr. Indeyeva uses herself to ensure that her skin is always radiant and bright. Our team can help you select effective options for your skin concerns.

Our Center

Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin serves patients throughout the Austin area from our convenient office location in the heart of Texas, only 15 minutes from the airport. Our office was designed with privacy in mind, ensuring that our patients can access their desired treatments discreetly if desired. We have abundant and convenient parking available and an on-site medical spa and procedure room.

If you decide to have surgery with us, we’ll schedule your procedure at a nearby ambulatory surgery center, outfitted with the latest safety equipment and medical tools.

Schedule A Consultation

Dr. Yula Indeyeva, a highly trained and Double Board-Certified facial plastic surgeon, is a specialist in surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation methods for the face, head, and neck. With her mastery of everything from dermal fillers to Extended Deep Plane Facelift, Dr. Indeyeva loves guiding her patients along their journey towards a more confident, empowered, and beautiful self.

Our Results

Browse through our gallery of before and after photos to see actual results from our real patients. We are proud of the results we create for our patients and look forward to creating a similar transformation for you.

Our Patients

Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin is a comprehensive center for facial plastic surgery. Our surgeon and team offer unparalleled support as they strive to achieve your best results in aesthetic enhancement. Our facility offers patients throughout Texas a convenient location for both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our facility, our team, and our surgeon are all here to serve you, our patient.

Our patients are the heart and soul of our plastic surgery practice. We are delighted to serve them and help them feel confident and comfortable with their appearance throughout the aging process.

We serve both men and women of all ages. Our ideal patient is anyone that wants to improve their appearance with realistic expectations and the right motivations.

Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to take the next step toward facial rejuvenation in Austin, TX, Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin is here to guide you through the process. Reach out to our office online or by calling (512) 831-5397 to learn more about our practice or to schedule a consultation. Our team is here and ready to serve you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Take the Next Step Towards the New You

If you think that you can benefit from having a facelift with Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin, your results are within reach! We encourage you to learn more about Extended Deep Plane Facelift surgery in Austin with Dr. Indeyeva, by reading through the FAQs section below or contacting our team today. 

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