Easy Skin Care Routine for Busy Moms

At Facial Plastic Surgery Center of Austin, we understand the constraints on a mother’s schedule. That’s why we offer quick, convenient at-home and in-office tips to restore and retain beautiful facial skin. Here are a few we recommend.

Gentle Cleansing

Washing your face with harsh or abrasive soaps or cleansers can harm your skin. Dr. Indeyeva advises her patients to use a medical-grade liquid facial cleanser formulated to their skin type and concerns.  Among her favorites are Skinbetter Science Oxygen Infusion cleanser, which contains alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the skin.  Another great option is the Skinbetter Science Cleansing gel which cleanses the skin gently but effectively, and leaves it soft and soothed.  It is important to avoid any soaps containing sulfates, fragrance, parabens, and dyes, as these ingredients will likely lead to skin inflammation and overy-drying. Click here to shop for our SkinBetter Science Cleansing Gel. 


When it comes to your skin, you should hydrate from within and without. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is critical to skin and overall health. It allows your skin to remain moist and soft. Another practice to employ is to use a medical-grade rebalancing moisture treatment. These simple at-home habits will:

  • Bring hydration and moisture balance to the skin.
  • Deliver healthier-looking skin, resulting in an improved appearance of smoothness, suppleness, and radiance.
  • Lead to visible improvement with fine lines, wrinkles, and skin dryness.

Sun Protection

Whether it’s a warm, sunny day outside or dark clouds and rain are in the forecast, you should cover your skin daily with an SPF 50+ sunscreen. Constant exposure to UV rays on the beach, in your yard, or strolling your child down the block can be harmful to your unprotected skin.   It is important to use 100% mineral sunscreen (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), as any sunscreen containing chemical tend to trap heat close to the skin, and lead to inflammation, irritation, and may actually worsen certain skin conditions, like rosacea and melasma. Click here to shop for our SkinBetter Sunscreen Products. 

Periodic Peels

We know moms have little time for hours on end at the spa. However, an occasional chemical peel can effectively resolve tired, dull skin to reveal a fresh, new skin layer. 

Injectable Treatments

If you are searching for a quick and convenient treatment to resolve the early signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, and creases, you may want to try cosmetic injectables. Dr. Indeyeva is a highly skilled injector of neuromodulators and dermal fillers. Sessions to treat forehead creases, crow’s feet, smile lines, sunken cheeks, or eye hollows take less than an hour with no downtime. 

Schedule Your Skin Care Consultation

At Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin, we want all of our patients who are proud moms to look and feel amazing. Call us at (512) 831-5397 or contact us online to learn how we can help.

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