How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine From Summer to Fall

As the seasons change, so should your approach to skin care. When the sun sets on summer, you will need to modify your skin care routine to keep a healthy glow all year long. Austin’s skin care experts are here to help you with our top advice for seamlessly transitioning into a new season.  

Creating the Perfect Autumn Skin Care Regimen

While the fundamentals of your skin care routine – such as cleansing and moisturizing – will remain the same year-round, a change in seasons is an excellent opportunity to reevaluate the products you use and switch anything that isn’t working as effectively as you’d like. If you’re noticing more fine lines when you look in the mirror, it might be time to add medical-grade products from SkinBetter Science to your arsenal.   

Fall is also the best time of year to consider professional anti-aging treatments like skin resurfacing. These procedures can make your skin more sensitive to damaging UV rays, so it’s wise to schedule them during shorter days and cooler weather. They can help reverse any summer sun damage you accumulated from that relaxing beach vacation or time spent lounging by the pool.

Our Top Fall Skin Care Tips

Many people believe more is better when developing a skin care regimen. However, the good news is that you don’t have to take hours out of your busy schedule to enjoy having an enviable appearance. Here are our three favorite ways to shift your skin care with the changing seasons. 

1. Use a Heavier Moisturizer

Fall’s crisp, dry weather is a welcome change from the heat and humidity of summer. In response, you’ll want to add a thicker, creamier moisturizer to protect your skin and keep it supple and resilient. Dry skin leads to wrinkles and can also make your complexion look dull. When applying moisturizing products, don’t neglect your neck. The skin on your neck can age more rapidly than your face, leaving you seeking solutions such as a surgical neck lift.  

2. Don’t Forget to Use Sunscreen 

Even on rainy, overcast days, UV rays can still penetrate the cloud cover and damage your skin. Sunscreen should be a year-round habit, not something you only do in the spring and summer. Remember, sun damage such as discoloration and uneven skin tone and texture is cumulative and can quickly contribute to you looking older than you’d like. Before going outside, apply a broad-spectrum sunblock of 30 SPF or higher to your face, hands, and any other exposed areas. 

3. Invest in a Humidifier

The lack of moisture in the air in cooler weather can take its toll on your skin, as can running the heat in your home. Low humidity erodes your skin’s natural moisture barrier and will eventually lead to flaking, cracking, and irritation. You can solve this problem by buying an inexpensive humidifier and running it in your bedroom while you sleep.  

Get More Excellent Skin Care Advice at Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin

Get a head start on the season with these simple changes and restore your complexion! If you are ready to learn more about surgical and non-surgical procedures to elevate your appearance, contact our office today. As a leading Facial Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Dr. Yula Indeyeva has built her practice specifically around enhancing patients’ facial beauty and self-confidence.

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