Top Procedures to Complement a Facelift

A facelift performed by a highly trained Facial Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Yula Indeyeva is the gold standard of anti-aging procedures, with its ability to turn back the clock by repositioning sagging skin and facial muscles to their original, youthful positions. Still, you may benefit even further by combining your facelift with complementary procedures designed to address other concerns.

Here are the top four Dr. Indeyeva may recommend adding to your customized cosmetic plan.

1. Rhinoplasty

When you choose to work with an experienced, Double Board-Certified, rhinoplasty surgery can provide additional balance to your facial features, enhance your self-esteem, and even improve your ability to breathe through your nose. As a former rhinoplasty patient herself, Dr. Indeyeva takes care to perform each nose job procedure with the utmost care and compassion. She will account for how your nose’s shape and size affect your appearance and what qualities make you look like your unique self. 

2. Brow Lift

The term “facelift” is slightly misleading because this surgery only aims to correct age-related sagging, wrinkles, and other imperfections around your cheeks, mouth, and jawline. If issues like deeply etched forehead furrows or sagging eyebrows that overshadow your eyes concern you, you may wish to combine your facelift with a brow lift. 

During a brow lift, Dr. Indeyeva makes small incisions hidden in your hairline, through which she will remove excess skin and elevate loose muscles into a higher position. This surgery raises lowered brows and smooths forehead creases for a more alert, approachable, and youthful look.

3. Eyelid Lift

Blepharoplasty surgery is another excellent option to consider pairing with your facelift. The delicate skin around your eyes is often the first place to reveal signs of aging, forcing people to live with issues like prominent undereye bags and sagging upper eyelids that can partially obscure their vision. These concerns can make you look older and give you a permanently tired or angry appearance. 

With a blepharoplasty, Dr. Indeyeva can remove excess skin and fat from your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both, opening your eyes, smoothing wrinkles, and making you look younger and more vibrant.

4. Injectable Treatments

If you are not ready to consider adding a brow lift or eyelid lift surgery to your facelift, neuromodulators like Botox® and Dysport® can provide excellent results without incisions, sutures, scarring, or a lengthy recovery time. These products work by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that trigger habitual muscle movements, preventing repetitive facial expressions like squinting and frowning. Meanwhile, dermal fillers are an ideal way to compensate for volume loss in areas where your skin gets thinner and less resilient with age. 

As a top provider of injectable treatments, Dr. Indeyeva belongs to the Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network, an exclusive team selected to educate and train fellow doctors on the best uses of these non-surgical products and techniques. She can use her abilities to provide you with beautiful, natural-looking results.

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When choosing a surgeon to complete your facelift and complementary procedures, their skill and passion for the field of aesthetic medicine are the keys to ensuring you benefit from your improved appearance for years to come. Dr. Indeyeva became fascinated by the complexities of facial anatomy early in her medical school career. Today, she uses her meticulously honed talents to help her patients look and feel their best at any stage of life. To start your journey toward a look you’ll love, contact us today

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