Top Tips for Winter Nose Job Recovery

Reshape your nose this winter with a rhinoplasty performed by fellowship-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yula Indeyeva. There are many benefits to wintertime nasal surgery, but the chilly weather can complicate a few aspects of the recovery process. With these tips, you can enjoy an easier recovery and, soon, a beautiful nose that complements and enhances your facial features.

Protect Your Nose from Extreme Cold

After a winter rhinoplasty, patients should protect their nose from long periods of frigid temperatures. Extreme temperatures for extended periods of time have the potential to interfere with post-surgery healing. In Austin, TX, this is rarely an issue, and unless you’re planning a ski trip to the snowy Colorado mountains right after your rhinoplasty, your nose should be fine with most outdoor activities in Austin.

Chilly weather isn’t necessarily a bad thing while you heal from rhinoplasty. Colder temperatures can mean less swelling and rhinoplasty results that look amazing weeks sooner than expected with a summertime surgery.

Run the Humidifier

One of the biggest post-rhinoplasty complaints is nasal dryness. Winter conditions often exacerbate this post-surgery side-effect. Indoor heating removes moisture from the air, making it much drier. This dry air can dehydrate the already tender post-surgery nasal passages.

Many rhinoplasty patients use creams and ointments like Vaseline to keep the nose moist as it heals. If Dr. Indeyeva wants you to use these products, she’ll teach you how to use them after surgery. We also recommend using a humidifier to restore moisture to the air, especially if you’re using the heater frequently.

Stay Out of the Sun

The skin is highly sensitive to the sun after surgery. We advise patients to limit outdoor activities and sun exposure after surgery since the skin is much more likely to burn and discolor. Many patients find it is easier to follow this recommendation during the winter. Fewer outdoor activities make it easier to hunker down indoors for a few weeks after surgery.

If you do spend time outside, cover up and use sun protection. We recommend using a wide-brimmed hat, lightweight scarves gently draped over the nose, and broad-spectrum sunscreen. Do not rest sunglasses on the bridge of the nose until it is fully healed. Glasses or sunglasses can compress the healing tissues of the nose and may lead to complications. 

Skip the Winter Eats

A steamy bowl of soup or a mug of steamy hot cocoa are mainstays of winter cuisine, but if you’ve had a recent rhinoplasty, it is best to skip these tasty treats temporarily. Warm or cool foods, rather than hot or cold foods, are the best options for enjoying post-surgery.

While you’re healing from rhinoplasty, we recommend soft, not-too-hot foods like barely warm soup, applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and smoothies. Some patients are nauseated after anesthesia and prefer bland, mild foods. Keep up your fiber intake to help reduce post-surgery constipation. And don’t forget to drink lots of water.

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