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  1. What Are the Best Treatment Areas for Sculptra?

    Cosmetic injectables are a leading treatment for age-related volume loss and wrinkles. Sculptra Aesthetic is a long-lasting, one-of-a-kind product that can restore your youthful appearance and self-confidence. It works within your body to replace lost collagen, enhancing contours in the targeted areas long after the initial treatment. Read on to learn more about the benefits… Read More

  2. How Can I Maintain My Sculptra Results?

    As a Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and expert in non-surgical treatments, Dr. Yula Indeyeva believes Sculptra is one of the best options for reducing the signs of aging by restoring lost facial volume. This one-of-a-kind injectable product works within your body to encourage accelerated collagen production. If you are noticing that your skin is… Read More

  3. What Can Sculptra Do for Your Skin?

    Youthful skin is taut and resilient thanks to a supportive protein called collagen, whose fibrous structure makes tissues in your body firm and flexible. Ideally, you would always have an abundance of collagen, but your natural production of this protein slows down due to the aging process and lifestyle factors such as smoking and excess… Read More

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