Why Rhinoplasty Is Becoming More Popular Among Men

Year after year, rhinoplasty remains one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures, and it’s not too hard to understand why. Most of us unconsciously associate symmetry with attractiveness, and the nose plays a crucial role in the balance and harmony among facial features. In this age of video calls, you may be acutely self-conscious about a nose that is crooked or appears overly large for your face. Rhinoplasty can also serve a functional purpose in repairing structural defects, which helps improve breathing issues.

The popularity of cosmetic procedures for men has also been increasing in recent years, as surgical techniques continue improving and allowing Facial Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Yula Indeyeva to create consistently natural-looking results. 

Here are three reasons male patients may wish to consider getting a rhinoplasty. 

1. To Repair an Old Injury

If you are a naturally athletic person, you may gravitate toward contact sports like football, hockey, and rugby. Unfortunately, these activities can lead to injuries. If you’ve broken your nose and it healed incorrectly, it might have left you with a crooked nose or a prominent bump or dip along the bridge. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Indeyeva can help correct these cosmetic issues with a rhinoplasty, leaving you feeling more assured in your appearance.

2. To Be More Competitive in the Job Market

The marked increase in remote work opportunities has expanded many people’s career prospects by allowing them to seek jobs in a different city or state. However, it has also led to the need for more on-camera meetings. If you’re insecure about how you look, it will come across in job interviews, which might make hiring managers pass you by. A rhinoplasty will let you put your best face forward and radiate confidence in your body language.

3. To Improve Your Quality of Life 

If you’re one of the many people with breathing issues such as a deviated septum, you may also snore, preventing you and your partner from getting a full, restful night’s sleep. People who snore can wake up feeling fatigued and irritable, and there’s also a link between chronic snoring and health problems such as hypertension and obesity. Thankfully, nose surgery can help improve your breathing ability. Your health insurer may cover part or all the cost of a septoplasty procedure.

Male Rhinoplasty in Austin, Texas

Since rhinoplasty procedures simultaneously fulfill aesthetic and practical purposes, surgical skill plays a crucial role in your ultimate satisfaction with your results. Altering the nose’s appearance while correcting internal obstructions that impair breathing ability requires a deft touch with an artist’s eye. Dr. Indeyeva draws on her fellowship training and firsthand experience as a rhinoplasty patient when reshaping her patients’ noses. 

At Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin, expertly trained Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Indeyeva and her team take a tailored approach to each rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Indeyeva pledges to stay with you at every phase of your surgery, from your initial consultation to your post-surgical follow-up appointments. She prioritizes the surgeon-patient relationship, and encourages you to bring your partner, friends, or family members with you to all your appointments. Contact our office online or call us at (512) 831-5387 to schedule your visit to our practice.

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