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  1. What Is the Recovery Time for a Neck Lift?

    At Facial Plastic Surgery of Austin, we understand that thinking about elective surgery can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. That’s why Dr. Yula Indeyeva will work closely with you to ensure you know how to prepare for a procedure like a neck lift. To be a more informed patient, here’s what you should know about… Read More

  2. Everything You Need to Know About Facelifts

    As we age, the fine lines and wrinkles etched on our faces begin to tell the story of our lives. However, if you are one of the millions of people who feel dissatisfied with the effects of time and gravity on your skin, you may be interested in exploring the benefits of facelift surgery. Under… Read More

  3. 5 Facial Areas Fillers Can Improve

    If you seek a youthful facial fullness, dermal fillers are a safe and convenient way to erase wrinkles and fine lines. Unlike a surgical facelift or blepharoplasty, the treatment requires no downtime or recovery, and you can have it performed during your lunch break. Fellowship-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yula Indeyeva offers various facial contouring… Read More

  4. Should I Have a Nose Job in the Spring?

    As a rhinoplasty specialist in Austin, TX, Dr. Yula Indeyeva counsels her patients about timing their procedures and also about issues such as limiting sun exposure after surgery. If you live in Austin, TX, and are considering rhinoplasty (nose surgery), spring may be an optimal time to book your procedure. With these tips, you can enjoy an easier recovery… Read More

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